AeroClub Monaco

Est. 1941


At the request of Jean Joseph Marquet, the Air Club Model was created, of which he was the first President. The main idea was to develop construction of model ships and planes, and to exhibit them in Kennedy Pier in Monaco. This first exhibition, which had the honour of being visited by Prince Rainier, was a great success.


The first real flight took place in a dual command glider where members could experience flying.


fin de la deuxième guerre mondiale; l’association s’étendit en 1945 à l’exercice du vol à voile et à moteur sur aéronefs de faible puissance, et sa nouvelle dénomination fut Monaco Air Club.


Jean Jo Marquet calls upon Pierre Guizol, a Monegasque decorated war veteran who fought in the French Airforce during the war, to become the club’s first instructor. He accepts the task and starts teaching members how to fly in Cannes airfield on Thursdays and weekends. The club rents local aircraft such as Moranes, Norécrins, Minicabs and Pipers.


The club became a popular destination for both pilots and enthusiatss and as a result - the Monaco Aero Club as we know it today was born, with Mr Solamito as president.


A very successful 54th General Conference of the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) was organised and was attended by over 130 participants from 35 countries. The club becomes a pillar of the growing principality.


The club purchases their first fixed wing aircraft, an Auster registered 3A-MAC, with which dozens of members and students get their first flying experiences.


The Monaco Heliport is inaugurated. This allows for aviation enthusiasts to not only experience flight in airplanes but now also in rotary craft. It is here that we find the club’s home to this day.


To this day, it remains one of the oldest, most reputable and exclusive aero clubs in Europe. Comprised of a fleet of R44 helicopters stationed at the heliport itself and access to larger aircraft through joint venture agreements, it provides a one- stop-shop for pilots and enthusiasts alike.


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