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Discover the passion of flying in one of Europe's oldest Aero Clubs​

flying is not difficult

Options for newcomers

Discovery days

Discover the art of flying at special prices. Whether you are young, old, passionate or simply curious, discovery days gives you the opportunity to get behind the controls of a helicopter and enjoy the magnificent views of Monaco for a 15-minute flight. Have a look at our news page section to find out when our next Flight Discovery Day will take place.

Trial flights

This includes a ground briefing, followed by a 30-minute flight with an experienced instructor. The Trial flight is an opportunity to discover the basis of flying a helicopter: If you wish to continue for the Private Pilot Licence, the flight time will be logged in your flight book and count for the required hours to pass the PPL(H).


become a member

Aeroclub membership is open to pilots and enthusiasts alike.

Pilots who hold the required certificates can be approved to rent one of our Robinson R44 helicopters or access larger turbine machines thanks to our partnership agreements at extremely competitive rates.

Enthusiasts can also benefit from the use of these helicopters with one of our instructors as well as many of the other perks offered exclusively to our members.

If you wish to join the Aeroclub of Monaco, please send us an email or contact us. One of our instructors will reach out to you to explain the steps.
Email : info@aeroclub.mc
Tel : +37792053333

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